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FORTUNA Legal Counsel Office – legal practice for incorporated and unincorporated persons.

  • Our top priority has always been providing state of the art legal solutions.
    We care for our Clients’ security. more
  • Our biggest asset are the people we hire. The vast experience as well as a variety of interests
    of our team enables us to view each and every legal problem with outstanding versatility. more
  • We offer our services to both to incorporated and unincorporated persons.
    We specialize in numerous branches of law. more
  • We offer a variety of services and forms of cooperation.
    In our wide offer one may also find a significant number of specialized courses. more
  • Should You or Your company require an assistance of a renowned Law Firm?
    Don't hesitate to call or write us more

Comprehensive services for Companies.

Within standing legal services we prepare as well as provide legal opinions on a variety of documents concerning the Client’s entire activity. Moreover, our office conducts legal proceedings concerned with debt recovery.


Legal training

Our legal office offers its clients a possibility of conducting legal training fit for the specific needs of the Client, including Medical Law, Energy Law and Labor Law.